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About the Club

The present day Baltimore Lithuanian Athletic Club has undergone many changes as it has evolved from the early 1900s. On August 25, 1915, the club was voted into existence. The club was chartered to promote brotherly love, love for the Lithuanian homeland, spiritual and physical development. The first home of the club was located at 539 Washington Blvd. and sponsored basketball, bowling, children's gymnastics and a theater group. They also organised a scout group that planted the Lithuanian Oak in Annapolis, MD, which still grows to this day. 

World War II sadly brought an end to the inaugural athletic club. However, after the war, the large influx of immigrants began to represent the Baltimore community. There was a very successful basketball team, as well as individuals who performed very well at local schools. Ice hockey and soccer championships were won at Calvert Hall College with teams compromising of many Lithuanian athletes. During this time, the professional teams in Baltimore were represented with Lithuanian athletes as well: Eddie Waitkus (Orioles) and Johnnie Unitas (Colts). 

In 1960, the club was again reorganized under the name "Neringa" and was established in our present day home at the Lithuanian Hall. Although the club's teams were very successful in table tennis and soccer, winning the Baltimore City Freburger Trophy, Neringa was dissolved shortly thereafter.

On March 8, 1972, the Baltimore Lithuanian Athletic Club was chartered by 20 members. The first valdyba was

President - Vaclovas Laukaitis, Secretary - Jonas Kazlauskas, and Treasurer - Algis Veliuona. The club sponsored

teams in mens and womens volleyball, table tennis, softball, tennis and bowling. The club also started                                                       .                                                               participating in the East Coast and National SALFASS games, starting in 1978 and continuing to

.                                                                present.

.                                                                  The present day club is an intergral part of the Lithuanian community in Baltimore. We work

.                                                                  closely with and strongly support other local groups such as Bendruomene, Lithanian Hall .                                                                         (our home of 20 years), the Baltimore Lithuanian museum, TARYBA, and dance groups .                                                                               Malunas. We enjoy working with the American Legion Lithuanian Post #154, from which many .                                                                  of our founding members came, and participate in the annual Baltimore Lithuanian festival!

Meet the Board of Directors for 2018

President - Julija Sajauskas

Vice President - Vytas Brasauskas

Secretary - Katrina Vitenas

Treasurer - Loy Vogel

Athletic Director - Viktoras Sajauskas

Trustee - Charlie Loskarn

Trustee - Todd Sajauskas